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Schools in OC: Pro Gallery

What's Happening in
Orange County Schools?

Correcting the Propaganda

Disinformation is easily spread when groups leverage fear, bigotry, and panic.
We encourage you to do your own research on these topics.

Schools in OC: FAQ

Gender Support Guidelines in OCS

Groups are claiming that students are being told to keep secrets from parents. Read the policy for yourself:

Regulation Code: 1710/4021/7230-R Gender Support Guidelines

Equity in Education

The term 'equity' has many right leaning groups panicking. The president of Education First Alliance states that equity "leaves Christian males behind." A comment on No Left Turn in Education's Facebook page illustrates the threat that equity poses to the right.

The Orange County Equity in Education policy speaks for itself. Take a look:

Policy Code: 1030 Equity in Education

OC Equity Plan

Equity Task Force

Books in Public Schools

A new website (OCSTruth dot org) features images from several books in certain school libraries that are intended to scare and outrage parents. However, no context or information is provided about the images, authors, or themes. The website fails to mention that in February 2022, the Orange County School board of education held a special meeting to review three particular books. The board voted unanimously to keep all three books in school libraries.

(Orange County School Board Unanimously Keeps Challenged Books in Libraries by Ava Pukatch, Feb 2, 2022

Books in public schools are carefully selected and reflect diverse identities and lived experiences.

Critical Race Theory

CRT is a body of literature generally taught at the collegiate level. Talking about systemic and structural racism in our nation is not the same as teaching  the canon of CRT literature. 

Learn more about CRT from the American Bar Association.

A Lesson on Critical Race Theory by Janel George 

Culturally Responsive Teaching

Learn more about how culturally responsive teaching relates to critical race theory:

"This explainer unpacks what it means to be a culturally responsive teacher, how all these research terms are related, and where other academic concepts such as critical race theory tie in—or not."

What Is Culturally Responsive Teaching? by Madeline Will & Ileana Najarro

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