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No Left Turn in Education

No Left Turn in Education (NLT) is an organization founded by Dr. Elana Yaron Fishbein. According to their website, NLT exists because:

"Radical teachings motivated by a political agenda and deliberately spread by teachers, administrators, school board members, and even state officials have infiltrated schools across the nation. Unfortunately, all too often words such as diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice, systemic racism, human rights education and health education concealed an aggressive, radical totalitarian ideology. From The 1619 Project, to Critical Race Theory, to Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), the goal is to overturn our society by sowing divisiveness and hate. The social unrest that erupted in May 2020 provided the perfect cover for a complete assault and takeover of our educational system. Aided by the mainstream media, the teachers’ unions, together with an increasing number of  educators and administrators have become the true schoolyard bullies, using taxpayer funds to indoctrinate their captive audience – our children."

North Carolina chapter president Nancy Andersen has regularly participated in online discussions with Education First Alliance.

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