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Education First Alliance

Sloan Rachmuth, President

According to Sloan Rachmuth, President of Education First Alliance, "Progressive politicians and billionaire [sic] seek to destroy public ​education and the American family. We're here to defeat them."

Sloan Rachmuth has posted videos  on her EFA Facebook page with topics such as: 

Filing Grievances at Your School; State Policies to Protect Grooming in our Public Schools; The Essential Goal of CRT; Schools privately grooming children in NC; CRT & Communism; Speaking out against the Trans movement in schools; Grooming in Public Schools; Switching to Homeschooling in 5 easy Steps; What's in school libraries?; Our campaign against FILTH is working; and many more. 

Recently Education First Alliance has been promoting a Make Education Great Again event, with Dr. James Lindsay, Max Eden, Congressman Dan Bishop, and Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson. Audience members can expect to hear presentations on: 

"Exposing the Trans Agenda Coming for Our Kids, The History of Critical Race Theory, Brainwashing thru Social Emotional Learning, and Legislating to Protect Our Children"

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