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Community strength relies on community involvement.

Attend city/town/county board meetings.

Speak at public meetings or email board members.

Hold elected leaders accountable.

Call out bigotry and oppression.

Neutrality is silence, so take a position.

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Streaming meetings

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The Board of Education welcomes public comments.  Public comments are accepted between 3 p.m. and midnight on the day of the meeting.  You can post a public comment by sending an email to  All comments will be shared with the Board members electronically and posted in the Public Comments Archive on this page.

Meeting calendar

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Public comments are accepted at most meetings. Speakers are limited to three minutes but can speak to the Council on any topic.

To see if public comments are being accepted at the meeting and to see what other items will be discussed, you can find the agenda by clicking here. If the agenda includes "Requests From Visitors and Speakers From the Floor," then public comments are welcome. Public comments are also welcome for items listed as "Public Hearing."

Email the Town Clerk at 

Email the Town Council at 

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