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What's at stake?

Progress doesn't occur without community, and community doesn't exist without uplifting and empowering all voices. It is 2022, and our community members still face institutional inequities, systemic racism, anti-LGBTQ bigotry, and other forms of organized oppression.

We believe that all human beings deserve to exist in a community where they can live, work, play, grow, and learn in safe and inclusive environments.

We work to create and preserve equitable spaces where Black and Brown voices are heard, where people feel safe and respected regardless of their sex, gender identity, sexuality, immigration status, ability, income status, and religion.

Public schools have become public battlegrounds for bigots and regressive policies, with groups and organizations aggressively trying to create learning environments that are unsafe for many of our beloved students. 

We encourage you to use the TOOLS on this website to learn more about the GROUPS that are spreading harmful propaganda.

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